Another Blog???

Okay, so I’ve got a blog on that I’ve been updating since 2003 or something. I’ve got a blog on MySpace that probably gets the most views. I’ve got a blog on LiveJournal, which three people read. And now I’ve got another one? Is this really necessary?

I’m not sure yet. But I do know that two buddies of mine (Jerrod Balzer and SD Hintz, if I’m going to name names) recently set up blogs on WordPress and seemed pretty happy with the results. So I figured I’d set up an account, too, and see how it goes. There’s no way this one can be any more unnecessary than my LiveJournal blog.

So I’ll be posting here as well (for now, anyway). Just one more step in world domination. Or at least domination of the web.


One Response to “Another Blog???”

  1. And there’s the minor flaw in the Planet of the Apes movies. The damn dirty apes took over the Internet first, then the world.

    Hey, it’s cool to have you here! With you and S.D. around, I won’t feel so lonely, heheh.

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