Infamous Metal Crypt Interview Airs this Wednesday!

Okay, there’s an online radio program called Metal Crypt that plays metal and then interviews horror writers. It’s pretty damn cool. A couple of months ago, I was on the show, but the archives tape got misplaced. So if you didn’t hear that one live, you’ll never hear it. I was pretty bummed out about that.

But I was invited on a second time. And we taped it beforehand. Which means it is airing this Wednesday, December 3, 2008. If you want to listen to it “live” (or as live as it’s gonna get), it will be airing sometime during this Wednesday’s show (Metal Crypt airs 4-6pm Eastern time, and the guests usually come on around 5pm – but that depends on the length of the interview). You can tune it in here:

(if the link doesn’t work, just copy and paste it as a URL)

The subject of this post says “the Infamous Metal Crypt Interview” and here’s why. From what I hear, this is the first time the show has ever been edited for content before it airs. I guess we got a little carried away with the insanity. I’m not sure what the final version will sound like, but I remember going off on a riff about Marcia Brady’s new book, and how she admitted to trading sex for cocaine. Needless to say, we have some fun with that. And I think I dragged in the castaways from Gilligan’s Island for good measure. LOL. The show will also feature a prank call where I do my Mr. T impression calling SD Hintz to accuse him of stealing my car (it’s a long story, but pretty funny).

So check it out if you can. I know not everyone will be able to hear it. After it airs, there’s a good chance it will pop up a few places for those who missed it, and I’ll try to post it here as well.

Looking forward to this one. All I remember is laughing A LOT!


3 Responses to “Infamous Metal Crypt Interview Airs this Wednesday!”

  1. LOL! I talked to Badslayer today (I’m Grimm on Metal Crypt, folks) and he joked about taking the part about Chewbacca having sex and just looping it for two hours. I told him so long as he adds the part about leaving a dead ewok somewhere in rural Missouri.

    Yep, this isn’t one to miss.

  2. I’m catching this one for sure, mainly because L.L. sounds really sexy when he imitates Mr. T!

  3. Ah, I just got the scoop on the editing. Mainly, the last half hour of the very long interview was cut off. When you listen to it, it’s really difficult to tell what’s being said in some places because of all the laughing. He’s going to hook me up with all the files, though, so maybe S.D. can pick out more for the YouTube videos.

    Oh, and good news! It looks like he may have found the first interview! He’ll get it to us so we’ll know for sure, but it looks like the recording program just stuck it in a weird file so he didn’t find it right away.


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