Hottie of the Week: Alyson Hannigan


You probably know her best as Willow from BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. She was probably my favorite character on the show, especially when she became a super-witch and had god-like powers. Willow was also one of the few lesbian characters on television at the time (although she did have a relationship with werewolf Oz (Seth Green) in the early seasons).

She was also the flute girl in the AMERICAN PIE movies. Right now, she’s got a pretty thankless role as one the married friends on the show HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER(she’s defintiely not one of the characters they focus on most, and she’s more of a sidekick, which sucks. This girl deserves her own damn show!)

It’s easy to overlook her in some of these roles, but the truth is, she is a major hottie. As the photo above proves beyond a shadow of a doubt.

So today, we take this time to put the spotlight on ALYSON HANNIGAN. Red-headed ball of fire. I know I for one won’t be taking her for granted.


One Response to “Hottie of the Week: Alyson Hannigan”

  1. Totally! I’ve had a huge crush on her for a large chunk of my life, ever since I saw her in My Stepmother is an Alien (which also starred Seth Green).

    She’s always had amazing talent to go with her beauty, and I look forward to anything else she appears in (so long as it’s not another Date Movie – even SHE couldn’t save that catastrophe).

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