No Sugar for You



I’m still bummed out that Sugar lost on SURVIVOR.  For those who don’t watch the show, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, a pin-up model and sometimes actress (she’d had a few small roles on television shows like “The Gilmore Girls”) made it to the final three. I have no idea why it’s three people who make it to the end now, instead of two. She didn’t win. She didn’t even get one vote. Mainly because she made a lot of enemies along the way, many of whom made it to the final jury. When you’ve made enemies of assholes like Randy and Corrine (the latter actually attacked Sugar for crying because her father died – the heartless bitch), you know you’ve done something right. Unfortunately, making enemies doesn’t equal winning money in this game.

I was shocked she didn’t even get one vote. But maybe she’ll win after all. She was clearly a fan favorite, she’s sexy, and now that she has some national exposure, maybe that will translate into more acting roles and a bigger career. I hope so. She was easily the best of this season’s bunch, and I really dug her.

Go, Sugar!


One Response to “No Sugar for You”

  1. Mmmm…Sugar. Seriously hot. Can’t believe everyone disliked her so much. I’d let her cry all day. In fact, if she were my lady, she probably would. But I’d be okay with that.

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