Well, if you read the “BEST OF 2008” edition of Cinema Knife Fight on FEAR ZONE, you already know my Top 5.

But I know how much you guys love lists. So here’s my complete Top 10:


1. Let the Right One In a small Swedish vampire film that is easily the most amazing flick I saw in 2008.

2. Mother of Tears It seems like most fans hated this new film by Dario Argento, completing his Three Mothers trilogy, after about 25 years of waiting. But I loved it. It’s almost more of a comedy than a horror flick, and it’s easily one of the most entertaining things I saw all year.

3. Punisher War Zone – I know this one’s pushing the “horror” envelope, but it is maybe the most violent/gory movie of 2008, so it fits. Finally, the Punisher done right! This one earns its hard R rating, and then some!

4.     Red/Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door (tie)– two small films based on Jack Ketchum novels. Both did the festival circuit then went straight to DVD. Both deserved a real theatrical run. GIRL NEXT DOOR is especially disturbing, and not for everyone. But these are two very well-made adaptations.

5.     The Ruins Tourists in Mexico vs. killer plants. Way better than it sounds.

6. Quarantine – Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter’s sister on DEXTER) plays a reporter who follows cops to a tenement building to check out a disturbance. She ends up locked away with all the other inhabitants as a killer strain of rabies turns them into drooling zombies one victim at a time.

7.     The Strangers masked killers torment a couple in an isolated cabin. Very atmospheric and effectively spooky.

8. Cloverfield giant monster attacks Manhattan as twenty-something kids flee. One keeps his videocamera filming it all.

9. Hellboy 2 Ron Perlman turns in another amazing performance as the superhero who’s also a devil. Fishman Abe Sapien sings! And an elven prince decides he wants to conquer the world of humans.

10. Midnight Meat Train/Pathology (tie)Midnight Meat Train is a cool movie version of a Clive Barker story that got cheated out of a theatrical release and went straight to cable. Pathology features HEROES star Milo Ventimiglia as an intern in a pathology lab who falls in with a sadistic crowd who likes to create their own corpses for the autopsy room. Both were better than expected.



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