Well, here’s one more movie list fo 2008. Since I did my “Top 10 Horror Movies of 2008” list, I figured I’d also post my list of best movies, period, of 2008. Here it is:


1. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN – I’ve raved about this one a lot, and it’s easily the best overall film I saw in 2008.

2. THE WRESTLER – Mickey Rourke’s big comeback lives up to the hype. He’s amazing in it, and it’s another great movie by one of my favorite directors, Darren Aronofksy.

3.MOTHER OF TEARS – I will continue to praise this Argento movie. Even if I’m the only one who dug it.

4. PUNISHER WAR ZONE – A lot of people slammed this one, too, but it’s still the best ultra-violent comic book adaptation I’ve seen. And as a hardcore Punisher fan, it was great to finally see him done right.

5. TOWELHEAD- This controversial coming of age story about a young Arab-American girl who discovers her sexuality isn’t for everyone, but I thought it was amazingly well done. By Alan Ball who also wrote AMERICAN BEAUTY and created the excellent shows SIX FEET UNDER and TRUE BLOOD.

6. THE RUINS – Atmospheric, with some nice spooky moments, this killer plant movie still stands out for me.

7. QUARANTINE – Excellent performances, especially the hot Jennifer Carpenter, highlight this remake of the Mexican horror film [REC]. Rabid zombies in a quarantined apartment complex. The ending is killer.

8.  THE STRANGERS – the more I think about this movie, the more I really liked it. From the bleak tone, to the excellent use of a Johanna Newsome song, this one has grown on me over the months.

9. CLOVERFIELD – the best giant monster attacks a major city movie in a long time. I’d probably post this higher on any given day.

10. THE INCREDIBLE HULK – I actually liked Ang Lee’s version, but this new “reboot,” starring Edward Norton, is even better. And they finally had him take on a real villain from the comics, The Abomination (Tim Roth). Iron Man may have been the Marvel comic book movie everyone was talking about in 2008, but I’m a much bigger Hulk fan.

.. ..

Honorable Mentions:

DARK KNIGHT – like everyone else I thought Heath Ledger’s performance was amazing and he deserves whatever awards he gets. Every time he was on screen, this movie rocked. Unfortunately, I’m not a big Batman fan, and thought that Batman was still stiff as hell and the plot of this one was way too convoluted (and way too long). Aside from Heath and Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face (we got way too much Harvey Dent and way too little Two-Face and then they killed the character off!), I didn’t like this movie enough to put it on the list. But hell, Ledger alone was good enough so that it probably belongs up there.

IRON MAN – Robert Downey Jr’s big comedback. Like Ledger’s Joker, it was Downey’s Tony Stark that made the whole movie. And he’s the one who should get all the credit. Otherwise, I thought the script was a disappointment, especially having Iron Man go up against a lame-ass villain (where’s Titanium Man when you need him?). Also, I’m not a big fan of origin stories, but this one did the job well, and this movie even made Gwyneth Paltrow likable.

Let’s hope 2009 is even better. The two movies I’m looking forward to most this year are THE WATCHMEN and Benecio Del Toro in the remake of 1940’s THE WOLFMAN.


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