I Sold My First Story Collection!

medium-1441Well, actually it’s a joint collection. But it sure is sweet to finally have a story collection coming out. Now if some of my novels would sell!

Here’s the official announcement:

Horror writer L.L. Soares, has just announced that SKULLVINES PRESS will be publishing the short story collection IN SICKNESS, due out in 2010. A joint collection between Soares and his wife, author Laura Cooney, IN SICKNESS is made up of three sections: solo stories by Cooney, stories by Soares, and a 12k novella entitled “In Sickness,” written by Cooney and Soares in collaboration.

This collection of very dark tales includes three stories that received Honorable Mentions in past editions of THE YEAR’S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR, and is made up of previously published stories, as well as several new ones which will be published for the first time in this edition.

Like Bonnie and Clyde armed with words instead of guns, they’ll take you on a very wild journey indeed.

At this time, everyone involved would also like to unveil a draft of the upcoming cover, using the art of painter Valerie Kahn-Dorato.

Cooney and Soares are very excited to be working with SKULLVINES PRESS to make this book a reality. More news is forthcoming as we approach the publication date.


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