Interviews Now on Fear Zone, and Other Stuff

First off, if you’ve been following those “Screaming Spotlight” interviews I’ve been doing on my blog (or even if you haven’t), you might be interested to know that the interviews have started getting published over at Fear Zone as well (where they’ll get even more readers). This week, the ones I did with writers Daniel G. Keohane and Jeremy C. Shipp were posted on the site. Next week, my John Sowder interview should go up, including an artist gallery of his work. And I’ve got some other interviews lined up for the future. For the ones on Fear Zone now, just go to:

Writer Dan Keohane

Writer Jeremy Shipp

The new Star Trek flick sounds good, but I’m not much of a trekkie and I’m in no rush to see it. I’ll wait a week til the crowds die down.

Also, I dug the season finale for Dollhouse – I’m really starting to like this show a lot and I hope it gets renewed. I guess its fate is still up in the air. I was bummed out that one of my favorite network shows, Life was recently canceled by NBC (which is just stupid – it was one of the best shows they had). And the Scrubs finale was just plain dumb (is it just me or did the show totally go down in quality since jumping over to ABC?).

One of my favorite comedians, the great Norm MacDonald was on the Howard Stern Show this week, as well as Late Night with David Letterman. He completely killed on both shows. After a few years where he seemed to vanish off the planet, it’s good to have him actively doing comedy again.

And, do you notice how some of the biggest names in the movies right now are people who first got attention for television? JJ Abrams, Judd Apatow, Joss Whedon. All really talented guys who gave us great television shows and good movies, too.

Not much else. I hope to get a lot of writing done this weekend. That’s all for now.

Infernally Yours,



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