AC/DC Triumphant!

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous blog is I went with my buddy Dave Simms to see AC/DC this past Tuesday night, and it was excellent. We got lost for a bit at Gilette Stadium (formerly Foxboro Stadium, home of the New England Patriots) at first (neither one of us had ever been there before), but once we got situated, we caught the tail end of Anvil’s performance (I was really curious about them and wish I’d seen more of their set), and then it wasn’t long after that AC/DC took the stage.

I’m actually listening to more metal now than I ever did, but growing up I was more of a punk than a metalhead, but there are metal bands that easily cross the boundaries. Motorhead quickly comes to mind. Metallica, Slayer. And so does AC/DC – they’re like the Ramones of metal – all their songs sound similar, but they also sound incredibly good.

They started out with the first track off their new album BLACK ICE, “Rock N Roll Train” which is easly the best cut off the album. Throughout the night they played about five new songs from BI and then lots of classics, including TNT, Thunderstruck, Back in Black (a highlight), Shook Me All Night Long (my fave of their songs), The Jack, and lots of more. Nice meaty concert, and it’s hard to believe these guys are pushing 60 (singer Brian Johnson is 62!). They all had amazing energy, but no one was as astounding as guitarist Angus Young, who ended the show with a 30-minute solo that seemed to go on forever (but in a good way). Not only did he play non-stop, there was a long ramp that led from the stage out through the auidence to a kind of boxing ring set-up. Angus ran the whole length of the ramp, while playing, and then when he reached the ring, fireworks and confetti and smoke machines went wild as his playing reached new heights. This guy is fuckin spell-binding. I’ve never seen such pure unbridled energy in a concert, and I have no idea how he does that night after night.

An incredible show, and they sounded terrific. We left before the encore to avoid the crowds (and we had a half hour walk to where we’d parked the car) but we could hear the cannons of For Those About the Rock..We Salute You going off behind us.

Can’t recommend them enough.


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