A Short Piece for “Kill Brian Keene On Your Blog” Day

Well, officially the real day was Monday, but I just found out about it today. Just wanted to post my little offering.


Running across the back yard, trying to get into the house and out of the rain, Brian Keene fell into a hole in the ground. At first, he thought it might be the same hole Alice fell through to reach Wonderland, but this one was not as wonderous. It was dark and dirty, and had a solid bottom. He could see tree roots reaching out at him through the walls of soil.

The hole was just big enough so that he could not pull himself out while standing. He felt like one of those kids you see in the news every now and then, who have fallen into wells.

“What have we here?” he wondered as he stared up. Rain pelted down on him.

It was then that something moved in the shadows. First one, then two, long, thick earthworms, as long as pythons, leapt on him and entwined him with their bodies.

“The Gods,” they said, in voices that mimicked human sounds, but were clearly unnatural. “Where are our gods?”

“I don’t know,” he told them. “I’m just a writer.”

But the worms were not satisfied with his answer,and dragged him down into the mud. The rain had begun to fill the hole, and as he lay there, his face pressed against the floor of the well, the water level rose to cover half his face. He struggled to rise, but the worms would not let him.

“Our gods,” one said. “Tell us how to find our gods.”

He sure wished he’d had one of his guns handy. But these worms had captured him totally by surprise.

As the water rose, and the worms tightened their grips, Brain felt the life being squeezed from him. One worm constricted, and as he tried to gasp for air, his lungs filled with water.

When he stopped moving, the worms slowly began to nibble at him. Digesting his flesh.

Days later, his body would be found, bloated and abandoned, on someone’s lawn. Like a drowned nightcrawler.

* * *
Brian Keene is being killed off today in a number of blogs throughout the world. If you are enjoying watching him being sent to the Great Beyond today, perhaps you’d consider making a donation to the Shirley Jackson Awards in Brian’s honor. In recognition of the legacy of Ms. Jackson’s writing, and with permission of the author’s estate, the non-profit Shirley Jackson Awards have been established for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic. Please follow this think to donate. This one. Right here. And thanks!
Rest in Pieces, Brian.

For (a lot) more Brian deaths, go to his blog for a complete list of authors who took part in this event at:


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