There’s a little store in the North End of Boston called Savenor’s. It’s basically a little gourmet store that sells some fresh produce and exotic condiments, but the main reason to go there is for the selection of meats. As soon as you go inside, you know what you’re in for. There’s a photo of Julia Child in the window. She was a regular customer.

I go there every once in awhile to check out a special area where they have the exotic meats. So far I’ve gotten venison, kangaroo and wild boar. Good stuff. Some of the items – like an entire rattlesnake, skinned and ready to eat – are rather expensive. The rattlesnake was $135. And no matter how much I’d like to try it, that’s not going to happen. They had fillet of python today, too.

I ended up getting a couple of things in my price range (about $10 each). One was antelope meat (I can’t wait to try that!) and the other was alligator (which I’ve had and like a lot). Maybe next week I’ll try the yak meat.

Kinda cool to be buying exotic meats in the same store where Julia Child used to shop. I’m always looking to try a new kind of meat. I think the one I want to try most right now is zebra.

It’s like I have a lion’s diet sometimes.


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