Well, IN SICKNESS, the story collection by me and my wife, Laura Cooney, is deep in production mode. Hopefully it will be out before summer’s end. This is the one that features stories by Laura, stories by me, and then a novella called “In Sickness” that we wrote together. I’ve been shopping this around for awhile now, and it’s gratifying to finally see it become a reality.

Our publishers over at SKULLVINES PRESS, Jerrod Balzer and S.D. Hintz, recently surprised us in two ways. First, they got the very talented artist Mechelle Sizemore to do several illustrations that will be appearing inside the book. And then they just created a very cool book trailer, featuring some of Mechelle’s illustrations, and music by Kevin McLeod. You can check out the trailer at:

Watching the trailer, the book finally feels like a living entity. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands.


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